19 September 2023

Fine Art School of Altea has been designed in order to face the challenge of university artistic education in contemporary context, in which artistic practices are permanently reformulated.

Its human and material resources and educational planning serve this commitment, providing our students with the technical and conceptual tools that enable them to deal with a scenario in which visual arts encompass a wider and wider range of professional and cultural practices.

The current curriculum of our degree in Fine Arts responds to the new teaching needs through appreciation of tradition, the importance of a contemporary technical and conceptual education and especially through its integration in a context defined by media interdisciplinarity. For this goal its structure includes two distinct programs: “Fine Arts” and “Visual Arts and Design”.

In service to this project, on one hand our facilities have been designed considering accessibility for students as the main objective, offering them a large number of specific workshops and facilities and, on the other hand, our faculty and technical staff are committed to an active and personalized attention to our students.

José Vicente Martín Martínez, Dean